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The German Center for Dental Implantology

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Dental Implantology Courses at the DZZI-CLINIC
Hamburg, Germany

DZZI-CLINIC is offering advanced training courses in dental implantology again!

Our courses cover the most current and popular implant systems. The selection of an implant system is determined by the patient's personal needs - the DZZI-CLINIC routinely uses 12 different implant systems.

Located at the DZZI-CLINIC in Hamburg, Germany, our courses are currently ongoing, Monday through Saturday, and are offered on a per-request-basis. The number of participants is limited to 4 for the intensive crash courses on Fridays and Saturdays, and 3 for the visiting physician courses. Taught in English, these classes are small and intimate, giving you lots of one-on-one time with our instructor. Moreover, the per-request nature of our course offerings also gives you the flexibility to choose what days you want the course to take place.

We also offer single day courses. Price upon request.

If you are a student or postgraduate in dental implantology, or a dentist or dental technician and are interested in learning more about dental implantology, please feel free to register by filling out the simple form below. We will personally contact you within one day and confirm your booking and payment options. The courses conclude with a certificate outlining the topics covered and the CE-credentials.

Crash Courses (Friday and Saturday).......................$2000 USD (max 4 students)

Friday morning Theory (History, Anatomy, Bone Biology)
Friday afternoon Patient Case Studies and Discussions
Saturday morning Live Operation
Saturday afternoon Discussion

Visiting Doctors (Up to 5 days)..............................$4000 USD (max 3 students)

Course contents include practical daily dentistry, operation assistance, and inpatient care.

In this course, you will get the opportunity to follow the daily treatment of implant patients, discuss x-ray diagnosis and treatment plans, and take part in patient consultations. You will personally be assisting with implant operations, taking impressions, and inserting the final restoration on the implants. Beyond that, you will also perform postoperative patient care at the ward. If you are a legally registered dentist, you have the option of taking blood samples for lab-testing and changing infusions as well.

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