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The German Center for Dental Implantology

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The DZZI-CLINIC for Dental Implants

DZZI-Clinic in Hamburg, Germany

The DZZI-CLINIC was formed in 1991, with financial support from DZZI GmbH, and became the first German hospital specialising in dental implant treatment. At that time, the reason for moving the treatment from a dental clinic into a hospital environment was due to the latest professional theories that the loss of dental implants usually resulted from a bacterial infection right after the operation. Since the human mouth, with its typical bacterial colonisation, is a difficult medical environment, we decided that keeping patients in a hospital environment until after the risk of infection had lowered was the best way to ensure a successful treatment. Those theoretical considerations, after more than 20 years of experience, have now been statistically proven.

Dr. Ursula Wirthmann-Schlichting

Our team of dentists at the DZZI-CLINIC have more than 30 years of experience in dental implantology. Dr. Wirthmann and his team are pioneers of their field - they have developed systems and methods of dental implantology, treated thousands of patients and educated hundreds of dentists in implantology. There is scarcely any institution in Germany that can provide similar experience and necessary equipment to treat even the most difficult cases.

The Head of the Clinic

Dr. Axel J.A. Wirthmann

Dr. Axel Wirthmann, born 1945, is one of the most profiled German implantologists. Performing dental implant treatment since 1976, he was honored in 1980 for extraordinary merits in the field of dental implantology by the German Society for Dental Implantology (DGZI). Since 1985, he has been the president of the DGZI. In that same year, Dr. Wirthmann all started educating other dentists and dental technicians, totalling over 300. By founding the DZZI-CLINIC in 1991and by introducing the stationary treatment of dental implant patients, Dr. Wirthmann was able to make significant improvements in the durability and longevity of dental implants. The alterations introduced by Dr. Wirthmann have since become a standard in all of Germany and increased the success rates in implantological treatment. Since 2001, Dr. Wirthmann has been teaching as an Adj. Professor at the New York University, teaching molecular biology.

The Clinic for Dental Implants in Hamburg

The DZZI-CLINIC provides the latest and most highly developed equipment in dental implantology, enabling the team to treat even the most difficult cases successfully. Patients fearful of the procedure can relax - treatments can be performed using either general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia. The latter is done using a computer-controlled, almost painless injection system "The Wand Injection System".

The building that houses the clinic also holds the dental laboratory and the patient rooms. This promotes unity between the departments, thus enabling efficient and successful work - all for the benefit of our patients.

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