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Dental Implants - The Treatment

Once you've decided to get a treatment with dental implants, you should arrange an appointment at our clinic in Hamburg. We need about one to two weeks of advance notice before admitting you into our clinic, because there is some paperwork to do, such as a declaration of consent and a treaty for the treatment. You should fully understand everything before you agree to be treated with dental implants. The advanced notice also gives us time to prepare for your particular case.

If you are one of the many patients afraid of going to the dentists, who for years have been unable to see a dentist because of their fear, we can help you through our many years of experience with exactly this problem.

General Anaesthesia

Dr.Kassem Kuteifan, MD, Anaesthesiologist

Kassem Kuteifan, MD,
Anesthesiologist, pain management

You will be admitted into our clinic on the day preceding your treatment, provided you want to be treated under general anaesthesia. This is highly recommended. Modern anaesthesia with modern medication has long lost its former negative connotations. The advantages of being treated with general anaesthesia are numerous; you won't notice anything of the process (extractions, insertion of the implants, bone transplantations, injections) and we can work more efficiently, because there will be no interruptions necessary. When preparing the bearings for the dental implants, water is used to wash out the drilled area. This frequently causes an impulse to swallow. Because your position when being operated will be slightly inclined backwards, this is even more likely.

If you do not want to be treated with general anaesthesia, this is also an option. We are well prepared to work without general anaesthesia after years of experience without general anaesthesia.

When working with local anaesthesia, we use a painless, computer-controlled injection system from the USA: "The Wand-Injection-System, USA". In this case, admission into the clinic will be sufficient on the morning of your treatment.


Depending on the extent of the treatment you can leave the clinic after a few hours of rest. In the case of extensive treatment and when inserting dental implants into the front portion of the lower jaw, you should stay for 1 to 5 days for post-operative treatment. This is beneficial for the healing of your wounds and drastically reduces the risk of a premature infection of the implants. In the case of special previous illnesses, the stationary treatment after the operation may even be required from a medical standpoint. After one week the stitches will be taken out, either by us or by your usual dentist.

Your new teeth

The use of the latest implantation technology has reduced the wait time between the operation and the insertion of the artificial teeth themselves. After 3 to 6 weeks, sometimes earlier, your new teeth can be manufactured and inserted. For this process, you will be coming to the clinic as an outpatient. If you are not a resident of Hamburg, you can stay at a pension close to the clinic, or at a hotel in the inner city. After approximately one week, the fitting and insertion of your new teeth will be done. This short wait period is possible because our dental technicians will be concerned with just your case for this week.

Once every six months, your dental implants should be checked by your dentist or by us, to avoid the development of infections and to check the bone structure for stability. An X-ray of the implants should also be taken once a year.

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