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The German Center for Dental Implantology

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Further information on dental implantology

The lifespan of dental implants essentially depends on how often infections occur. Keeping this in consideration - unfortunately not practiced often enough - could prolong it so that a significant change takes place: In the hands of experienced specialists the oral implant made of titanium (no matter which type or shape) for a fixed bridge is preferable to a removable denture. This because of the following improvements:

In particular, older patients are affected by these improvements, resulting in the associated terminology: Gerostomatology.

The DZZI-CLINIC has been working as a specialized private clinic since 1991, supported by a private company and unites dental-specific knowledge with the conventional experience of surgical principles of therapy. At the same time, oral implantology is offered to those patients who, despite of existing vital indication for implantation, cannot be treated normally as an outpatient due to various illnesses (i.e. cardiac infarction, bypass, valve implants, diabetes etc.).

A tremendous improvement of prognosis also occurs for all patients due to the following procedures: