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The German Center for Dental Implantology

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Our Team of Specialists

Dr. Ursula Wirthmann-Schlichting

Ursula Wirthmann-Schlichting, DDS

Ursula Wirthmann went into University of Göttingen/School of Dentistry 1968, graduated 1973, assistant until 1975 in general dentistry before opening her own practice by continuing her father's dental surgery. General dentistry since then, specialities pediadric dentistry and orthodontic, preventive dentistry, prosthetic, experience in oral implantology, numerous international postgraduate courses in USA and Germany. Since 1991, registrar in the DZZI-CLINIC.

Dr. Kassem Kuteifan

Kassem Kuteifan, MD, PhD, Anesthesiology, consultant pain management

In 1978, Kassem Kuteifan received his PhD at the medical school of University Damaskus (Syria). One year later, he earned his MD degree from there as well. Then, from 1981-1984, he furthered his education at the surgery military hospital Damaskus. He also studied at Ernst von Bergmann Hospital Potsdam/GDR, where he also acted as a consulting anaethesiologist in 1990. Between 1990 and 1993, he was the anaesthesiologist at the military hospital back in Damaskus.

Since 1993, Dr. Kuteifan has been the chief anesthesiologist at DZZI-Clinic Hamburg Germany, anesthesiologist Parkklinik Manhagen/Ahrensburg Hamburg Germany. In 1995, he also opened his own anesthesiology and pain management practice, Großhansdorf/Hamburg Germany.

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Dr. Axel J.A. Wirthmann

Axel J.A. Wirthmann, MD, DDS, PhD

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Axel Wirthmann

University of Göttingen, medical school and school of dentistry simultaneously, graduation dentistry 1972, medicine 1973, JHO general surgery hospital of Witzenhausen/Göttingen, Elisabeth Hospital Saarlouis/Saarland, internship and NET University Hospital Göttingen. He joined his wife's practice after the death of his father-in-law in 1977. Specialities oral surgery, implantology, periodontology, general prosthetic, numerous postgraduate courses in Germany and abroad concluding training for implantology in the USA and Germany.

Was awarded for outstanding achievement in oral implantology by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahnärztliche Implantologie 1980. Vice-president of this organization 1983, President 1985. Honorary award NYU College of Dentistry, Fellowship ICOI, honorary member of French Society for Oral Implantology, lecturer at international conventions worldwide, 1985 founder of Deutsches Zentrum für Zahnärztliche Implantologie (DZZI), founder and head of postgraduate courses held for dental technicians (ca. 300 participants), head of postgraduate courses for dentists (ca. 250) in the field of oral implantology. 1989 author of "Dritte Zähne, aber bitte mit Biß". 1991 founder of the first German hospital specialized in dental implantology "DZZI-CLINIC", since then consultant physician (MD,DDS), development and inauguration of the prevention of infection by IV nutrition and substitution under short term hospital stay in the field of oral implantology.

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